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Low resistivity Well Log Analysis 02/09/2006 View
Advanced Low resistivity Well Log Analysis & Interpretation Technology
3-D Induction Resistivity Improves Reservoir Characterization 02/08/2006 View
By Richard A. Mollison, Berthold F. Kriegshäuser, Liming Yu, Baker Atlas, Johan van Popta, Shell Technology E&P
Gould Speaks at 34th Annual Howard Weil Energy Conference 04/06/2006 View
Schlumberger Chairman and CEO Andrew Gould addressed the oil and gas investment community at the 34th Annual Howard Weil Energy Conference on March 20, 2006 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. To download the complete presentation. (1.24 MB PDF)
Case Study: New technology - Schlumberger innovations 01/11/2006 View
Case Study: New technology and techniques used to reevaluate and optimize Laslau Mare mature gas field
Well Log History 05/17/2006 View
The advent of well logging in the 1920s and its subsequent development into a sophisticated technology revolutionized the oil and gas exploration and production industry. The ability to "look and measure" such things as formation type, formation dip, porosity, fluid type and other important factors transformed the drilling and completion of oil and gas wells from an ill-defined art into a refined science. Logging development encompasses three major areas: electric logging, sonic or acoustic logging, and nuclear logging. An understanding of their development is an understanding of the industry's technical progress.
GetRight 6.1 12/28/2006 View
GetRight extends your file downloading with resuming of broken downloads, easy error recovery, download acceleration, and many other features to give you faster and more flexible downloads. New in version 6: BitTorrent, Podcasts, and more....
Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change 12/28/2006 View
Based on the groundbreaking science presented at the conference of the same name, this book gives a through overview of the state of the art as far as climate change impacts and emmisions scenarios are concerned. Sure to become a standard of the worlds climate change literature.
Global Climate Change 12/28/2006 View
What has changed since the second edition of ''Energy, Plants & Man'' was published in l992? The CO2 content of the atmosphere has continued to rise, the population of the world has continued to grow, and the Antarctic ice cap has continued to retreat. There are more vehicles on our roads and more garbage to dispose of. One President Bush has gone and another has arrived. Naturally this latter is not without significance. The United States continues to contribute much more CO2, per capita, than any other country and George W Bush is no more inclined to constrain this than his father. The Kyoto agreement, intended to limit CO2 emissions to an extent which the scientific community would still regard as woefully inadequate has nevertheless not been endorsed by the United States and has therefore lost most of its value.
Winning The Oil Endgame: Innovation for Profit, Jobs and Security 12/28/2006 View
PDF File. From the back cover: Over a few decades, starting now, a vibrant U.S. economy (then others) can completely phase out oil. This will save a net billion a year, revitalize key industries and rural America, create a million jobs, and enhance secrity. Here's the roadmap - independent and peer-reviewed - for the transition beyond oil, led by business for profit.
Free FTP Tools 01/05/2007 View
Free FTP Tools to download

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