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Zoom China Energy Market 9408
Zoom China Energy Industry Details Trends. Including Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, electric power,Trans and Dist, Renewables, Storage, Coal, Nuclear, Economic Outlook, Key Growth Areas and Trends.
David G Rose Criminal 8317
We are publishing our series about Robo and David G. Rose today and tomorrow. You can find the stories (12 or so) on our Web site at: Caroline Lynch Pieroni Business Reporter The Courier-Journal Phone: (502) 582-4644 E-mail: Fax: (502) 582-4360 Your Comments would be appreciated
Comprehensive Source for Oil and Gas Jobs 7024 is dedicated to becoming the leading online source for oil rig jobs, energy investing and oilfield service providers. Our comprehensive listing of petroleum jobs will transcend you on your path to obtaining black gold. allows your oil field service company to compete in the international marketplace at a marginal cost. Our comprehensive directory of oilfield companies includes companies from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Houston, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Veritas DGC Inc. 6775
Veritas DGC Inc. is a leading provider of integrated geophysical, geological and reservoir technologies to the petroleum industry worldwide.
Structure Maps - Geological Data Services 6234
Structure Maps - Geological Data Services, Subsurface Geological Data for oil exploration and development LOGDIGI GROUP - Structure map - Geological data services provide the largest and best in subsurface formation tops maps and data files for oil & gas field. We provide the oil and gas industry with quality structure maps and data files to aid in the exploration of oil and gas. We provide the subsurface formation tops maps and data of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexica, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, Alabama, California, Nebraska, Montana, Michigan, Utah, Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona and Nevada. From the well log data, we construct the computerized formation top map and data file. 1. Subsurface Formation Tops Map and Data 2. Custom Mapping 3. Consulting Studies 4. Digital Land Grid 5. Stratigraphic Studies 6. Custom Oil Field Discovery Maps for Texas 7. Custom Injection/Disposal Permits Maps for Texas
Henderson Petrophysics 6205
Don Henderson has more than 30 years of formation evaluation experience in Australia, South-East Asia, Venezuela, US Gulf Coast, North Africa and the Indian sub-continent. Henderson Petrophysics offers highly specialised formation evaluation services to the oil and gas exploration and development industry. We offer data analysis and report preparation services at the wellsite, in your office, or in our office. In the Special Features section (Menu to the left) you can read how "Virtual Petrophysics" may be a very cost effective real-time solution for your data analysis needs. The Special Features article "Add Value with Petrophysics" is devoted to case studies showing how petrophysics can add value to your oil and gas portfolio. How to Contact Us We are based in the beautiful sub-tropical city of Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland. We offer specialised formation evaluation services to the upstream oil and gas businesss. For more information on our services or our fee schedule you can send us an e-mail (click on the icon below) or contact us using the following information; Phone: +61 7 3300 3980 (61 is the country code for Australia and 7 is the area code for Brisbane) Fax: +61 7 3300 9342 Mobile: +61 407 653342 E-mail:
Analysis Behind Casing 5977
Cased Hole Formation Resistivity Detect and evaluate bypassed hydrocarbons with formation resistivity measurements. Cased Hole Dynamics Tester Pressure testing and sampling in cased wells. Dipole Shear Sonic Imager Compressional and shear sonic in cased wells. Reservoir Saturation Tool Increase efficiency and reduce risk. Search for new zones, identify bypassed zones after casing is set ABC analysis behind casing lets you obtain essential well log data under any conditions, find and evaluate bypassed pay, and optimize reservoir management. This is a suite of services rather than a single platform. Measurements can be based on objectives, formation, completion, borehole environment, lithology, reservoir dynamics and the availability of primary evaluation data. You can measure porosity, resistivity, lithology, shale content, fluid saturations and pressure. You can recover formation fluid samples from cased holes. Reduce perforating and testing costs The lowest section of a Canadian well, through the Elkton formation, could not be logged in open hole because of unstable hole conditions. The upper section of the well, through the Rock Creek formation, had not been fully evaluated in open hole. The operator, Big Horn Resources, decided to evaluate both formations fully in cased hole using ABC services. ABC logs and analyses confirmed the Elkton formation was dry. In the Rock Creek formation, CHFR Cased Hole Formation Resistivity tool data agreed with openhole deep-resistivity measurements. Other data confirmed openhole porosity measurements. CHDT Cased Hole Dynamics Tester pressure data established a fluid gradient and permeabilities. With ABC resistivity and porosity measurements, the operator completed the Rock Creek formation well. Accurate evaluation through casing saved $40,000 in perforating and testing costs. Related resources ABC Analysis Behind Casing Brochure (780 KB PDF) ABC Analysis Behind Casing Datasheet (798 KB PDF) Case Study: After bridge prevented openhole logging, ABC saved further services and flow testing the well Hart's E&P reprint - Logging aids aging fields (202 KB PDF) Request more information about Analysis Behind Casing and other Schlumberger innovations.
Crude oil price forecast 4700
This website displays live crude oil in 10 languages and predicts the future price of oil. It also provides a free oil dasnboard which enables anyone to display live crude oil price on any blog or web page.
E&P Data Management Blog 4686
Find out about good E&P data management. Share your thoughts on what works and does not work in terms of managing your well data, logs, reports cross sections 'n such
Beluga Composites Corporation 4120
Beluga Composites Corporation is a manufacturer of UST, related accessories and oil/water separators. Member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute, Beluga has the technology and holds the Underwriters Laboratories UL 1316 and ULC-615-S certifications for fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP) underground storage tanks for petroleum products.


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