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Well Log Digitizing

Description:Well log digitzation, well log digitizing, well log, log digitization, well-logging digitizing services
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We provides the lowest price well log digitizing, the highest quality, and the fastest well log digitizing service. Our automated well log digitizing system is a new strong Competitor of other companies - Well Log Digitizing system. Our well log digitizing fee is much cheaper than other digitization company.
The lowest price for Well Log Digitization. Negotiable Price can decrease your cost. No start fee for each well. No extra charge for rush orders.
Convert(digitized)paper log to digital log within 2 hours, faster than ohter well log Digitizer
Accommodate order large and small, rush or long term
Guarantee high quality Service, 100% customer satisfaction
Use automated digitizing software to digitize, automated tracing well log
Quality Control: digitization software has an efficient "Automatic Match Function"
Deliver well-logging data in standard LAS format.
We are a team of honest, reliable, and dedicated individuals with many years of experience in the digitizing industry. Whether you're a home-based digitizing business or a large manufacturing facility, we want to build a long-term business relationship. The value of information makes security, reliability, and accuracy; our three most important priorities. All computers we work on are secured above and beyond the fundamental security measures, and our client's products are treated with utmost priority. Work also goes through robust quality control to ensure its accuracy. Consistent quality digitizing with a quick turnaround at a reasonable price. Working as digitizing operators in the past, we understand first hand the demands of an digitizing company.

Our Guarantee to You
Our degree of experience and passion for our work gives us great confidence in our ability to provide top-notch service. We strive to maintain as high a quality of workmanship as possible, however if you are not happy with any aspect of our work, simply contact us and we'll strive to resolve your concerns immediately.

Well Log
Complete Automatic curve tracking algorithm, with a manual digitising option whenever required. Digital data in LIS, LAS, BIT or PTF format is acceptable. Ability to overlay digital data against scanned images to show the correlation between digital data and paper log, and to highlight discrepancies and missing data. Resampling and units conversion capability. Outputs digitised data to disk in LIS or LAS format.
Well Log Digitizing and Archived Digitized Logs
For the Geophysical community we offer competitive Curve Digitizing. Using the latest in automated and manual digitizing technology our quality and accuracy is assured with robust Quality Control.

Rush orders are yet another competitive edge that we offer to our customers. When things need to be done, we can help you meet the deadlines. We work all around the clock when you need it most!

Well Log Digitizing
Well log digitizing is one of the leading techologies we utilize. Our Log Digitizing service has very competitive prices when compared to other Digitizing Companies, and the most reasonable when it comes to any size project that you have. Quality Control is the number one priority, as we proves time and again that sticks behind its products. We include screen shots of the digitized curve on the scanned log to show you the accuracy of our product. Rush orders are yet another competitive edge that we give to you.

Our pricing is competitive.

Contact us regarding turn-around for rush orders.

Flexible shipping terms are available.

Cost Estimate
Request a cost estimate today! Download our cost estimate template, and e-mail us with the following specifics;

How Many Logs
Total Log Feet
Curve Type & Log Type
Quality Of Logs
Splicing Needs
After you fill out the above excel spreadsheet and e-mail it to us, we will get in contact with you about your request.

Well-Log Digitization
We assure quality services in the field of Well-Log digitization.
We have the geo-technical expertise to convert all hardcopy well log data (paper, microfiche, films etc) to industry standard interpretation ready electronic vector formats.
We have digitized both Western and Russian logs for numerous Oil majors in USA, India & abroad .
Well-Log Digitization and Header Capture Using our Neuralog Software all specified curves can be digitized. The following details highlight the procedures carried out:

Quality control checks implemented at each stage

Qualified LOG ANALYST/ PETROPHYSICIST/ GEOPHYSICIST verifies accuracy of all data.

All specified curves are digitized selecting one curve at a time using automatic and manual digitization by setting requisite parameters. Different color can be used for various curves.

Multiple back-ups including logarithmic, hybrid, linear and reciprocal scales can be used.

Various kinds of logs including Gas Logs, Lithologs, Tadpoles and Texts can be digitized.

All curves of a well are spliced and composed if required.

All Log Header information is captured.

Digital data can be delivered in LIS, LAS, ASCII & LBS formats

Data Loading
Data Reformatting from SEG-Y Format Project Platform Conversion
Including seismic, horizon, faults and well log dataTape Copies
Bit for bit copies - 8mm, 9-track, 3480, 3490, 3590, DLT, LTO and CD-ROM System Administration
Including back up strategies, disk management, and file transfers.On-Site Support
Including application support, data loading, project clean-up, and more.

The Map library is a set of C++ classes designed with the purpose of simplifying the development process of GIS applications for programmers. It supports a wide range of GIS features, including manipulating, displaying, importing and exporting spatial data. Up to date, almost basic GIS features have been implemented in MapE. Unlike other GIS products which are usually shipped as ActiveX components, MapE is a set of C++ classes that can be easily embedded into your programs. Due to its small size, user-friendly interface, high performance and easy portability, MapE is strongly believed to become a very useful tool for GIS software developers.

Architectural Services
Architectural 3D Rendering
Architectural Construction Drawings
Modification of Existing Drawings
Survey Data Conversion, BOMA
Paper to CAD Conversion
Mechanical Services:
Parametric Modeling
Part and Assembly Modeling
Creation of Drawings & BOM
Manufacturing. Drawing from Layout
Paper to CAD Conversion

GIS Services:
Map Development and Conversion
Tax Map & Parcel Map Conversion
Georeferencing and Vectorization
Digital Photogrammetry

Well Log Digitizing, Well Log Analysis, Well Log Interpretation, 2D & 3D Mapping, Structure Map, Fence Diagram, Structure Maps, Geological Data Services


Address:Around the world, TX 77031 USA

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